What? Why...?

It unleashes creativity.

Got drawing anxiety? No problem. Writer's block? Piece of cake. Build on other people's ideas, get over yourself, and make something amazing. Or just hilarious.

It helps you practice teamwork.

Ever want to have people reflect on their nonverbal communication abilities? Their unique points of view? Performance under pressure? But in a positive environment? Then this game is for you.

It's fun.

When you're with a group of friends or coworkers at your conference room or along the bar table writing nonsense and scribbling craziness, you can't help but laugh.

OK. How do we play?

Grab paper and pencils, distribute to your players, and play around the table. Here's a video explaining the rules:

There are many variations to the game, as you can imagine. Play around, look up other tweaks to the rules, and see what you like.

Show me more.

Check out example game results, if you dare, along with other versions of the game. Click below for more resources.