Real Texans Don't Vandalize. They Vote.

Democratic House of Representatives District 47 Candidate Sheri Soltes, Victim of Vandals

A tip from a supporter led to a disappointing campaign incident on February 15th, 2018.

Austin, Texas- Feb. 15, 2018 — Sheri Soltes, a Democratic candidate for the Texas House of Representatives in District 47, was contacted by a concerned supporter this morning, notifying her that one of her signs had been torn down and vandalized at the end of the Davis Lane exit off Southbound Mopac in southwest Austin.

She arrived to find almost all campaign signs of various candidates pulled down. Her particular sign was singled out for tagging with spray paint.

(See video attached)

“This is especially troubling for me because I am not a self funded candidate. I have run a nonprofit that trains Service Dogs free of charge to help wounded veterans and other disabled Texans live better lives. My campaign relies on the generosity of individual donors to pay for these signs.

Last week we hosted a “Sponsor a Sheri Sign Drive” where my supporters donated to help us purchase these signs. I was disturbed when I drove up to find the road sign was not just knocked over but also tagged with graffiti making it completely unsalvageable.”

“I understand people are frustrated with government. I want to hear from ALL people in my district no matter who you are. You don’t have to be a lobbyist to talk to me. I am running a campaign that’s open to all of my constituency. Call me...don’t tag me!”

“To move Texas forward, we need everyone at the table. I invite whoever vandalized these signs to contact me with their concerns so we can discuss the best solutions. In the meantime, I will be raising funds to replace this destruction and would appreciate the public’s help.”

Sheri Soltes has 23 years of legislative experience writing and consulting on laws proving greater public access to people with disabilities. She is the founder and president of Service Dogs, Inc., a 30-year nonprofit that adopt dogs from animal shelters and trains them to assist wounded veterans and other disabled Texans free of charge. She is also a former trial attorney who represented union workers poison by asbestos companies. Sheri is running against four other candidates in the Democratic primary for Texas State Representative, House District 47 currently held by Representative Paul Workman.

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