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Pius Wong prototypes and develops products, including products on the web.

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Engineer · Web Developer · UX/UI Designer · Content Creator

Web Portfolio

Some of Pius's example digital products are previewed below.

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Space Shooter: An arcade game
Use CTRL and arrows to play.
Unity 3D tutorial project, WebGL

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Work Timer
A pomodoro clock.
HTML/CSS/JS, canvas, math

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Calculator Gator
A math visualization toy.
HTML/CSS/JS, jQuery, animation

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Tech Streamers
A livestream tracker.

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Wikipedia Viewer
An ideation web app.
HTML/CSS/JS, Wikipedia API, DraggableUI

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Weather App
Weather tracker.
HTML/CSS/JS, weather & map APIs

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Sheri for Texas
Political campaign site (archive).
Bootstrap, 3rd-party integrations

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Human People Improv
Entertainment marketing.
HTML/CSS/JS, Bootstrap, jQuery

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Word Choice
A digital toy
jQuery animation, JS, JSON

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The K12 Engineering Education Podcast
Media site
HTML/CSS/JS, RSS integration

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General Project Portfolio
Engineering, education, art, mathematics, analysis, design


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