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Check here for campaign news and blogs, as Sheri Soltes aims to serve as Texas State House Representative for District 47.

February 23, 2018 —
Sheri Soltes' Legislative Experience Goes Back Decades

Sheri Soltes, Democratic candidate in the Texas House of Representatives District 47 race, is no stranger to the State Legislature. For example, she starting helping shape laws to help Texans since 1995, starting with HB 238 74(R). Read more about it by clicking below or reading on Facebook.

February 17, 2018 —
Sheri Continues Service Dogs Mission

Sheri is still running her nonprofit Service Dogs, Inc., and she is enormously thankful for a very generous donation today to continue its #HelpingHeroes mission. The $340,000 grant will support continued training of service dogs and providing them to veterans and people with disabilities free of charge. Read more in this local news article.

February 16, 2018 —
Defending Sick Leave

Paul Workman is promising to file legislation to roll back Austin's new Paid Sick Leave (PSL) policy on the first day of early bill filing. We'll see about that. Sheri supports the PSL policy and knows that it is a great solution for both employees and employers in Austin. Click the image or text below to read her statement in response.

January 28, 2018 —
ATX Dem Vets Endorse Sheri Soltes for HD47

On January 25, 2018 ATX Dem Vets unanimously endorsed Sheri's candidacy for Texas State Representative, House District 47, because she is committed to serving our veterans. Their official endorsement announcement is linked on Facebook, as well as in their press release.

January 20, 2018 —
Austin Women's March 2018

Sheri marched with other supporters at the 2018 Austin Women's March at the Capitol. Out of all the wonderful community support, exchange of ideas, fire, strength, and love, some of her favorite signs are shown here.

Favorite signs at the Austin Women's March 2018

January 19, 2018 —
Meet and Greet at Rain on 4th

Sheri had a blast talking with Travis County constituents at Rain on 4th in Austin, with special guests: Austin's favorite weathercaster Jim Spencer, and The Artist Formerly Known as The Diva of 5th Street Station, Tammy Talpas. We know it's important to fight for the rights of all Texans, especially our friends, family, and colleagues in the LGBTQ community.

Supporters at Rain on 4th

January 10, 2018 —
The Money Thing

"People over profit. Merit over money." Sheri writes about her early legal career and starting a nonprofit, as well as how money affects the campaign. You can donate to the campaign online securely at: ActBlue

December 25, 2017 —
The Gifts I've Received

"Reflecting on the gifts, many of them surprises, that you have given me on the campaign trail." (Click below to read, or click here to read it on Facebook).

December 17, 2017 —
Circle C Area Democrats Endorse Sheri Soltes

"Please accept my heartfelt thanks for your prestigious endorsement. You deserve the credit for building CCAD into the largest Dem group in Travis County. That is thanks to your dedicated and caring leaders and each of you who pays your dues, attends meetings and votes! I am proud, encouraged and fortified to take our Blue Wave all the way to the Capitol." — Sheri Soltes

Image of thank you for endorsement

September 2017 —
Leading Our Rights to Keep Guns Out of Our Businesses

A Bee Cave bakery was being harrassed for upholding the law and keeping open-carry off the premises. The community responded (click to learn more).

Image of baked goods

June 2017 —
Response to Paul Workman's Views About Texas

Paul Workman wrote an article in the Austin-American Statesman in June 2017 about the Governor's agenda. When you read this, what did you think?

Paul Workman's thoughts about Texas and Texas government

Sheri wrote an open response that you can read here. Click below to read more.

"The pompous, self-serving rubbish written here makes me even happier that I am running for State Representative in District 47." — Sheri Soltes